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Kabbalah 101: An Introduction

Tuesday, November 22, 2022 28 Cheshvan 5783

6:30 PM - 8:00 PMZoom

Please note that this course will now be held exclusively on Zoom.
Please check your email for all the protocols for our online courses.

How do you explain the relationship between the mysterious and the obvious, between the infinite and the finite, between the unchanging and the ever-changing, the eternal and the transient? This is what the masters of Kabbalah, for thousands of years, have been trying to bring light to. Their starting question always was: How did this world come to be? 

Rabbi Olivier is inviting us on a multiple-months mystical trek through "A Course in Kabbalah" that will bring together his teachings spanning the last couple of decades. 

This major Course will be broken into a series of three main topics:

-Kabbalah 101: An Introduction

-Kabbalah 201: Practical Kabbalah

-Kabbalah 301: Jewish Meditation

Kabbalah 101: An Introduction

Through this first topic, Rabbi Olivier will aim to give us an overview of the principal tenets of Kabbalah, its history, and the main teachers that supported its growth and evolution. He will guide us through some practical exercises to help us understand Kabbalah from the inside and leading us into Kabbalistic text study to help us experience Kabbalah as if we were Kabbalists ourselves. 

Through Kabbalah 101 you will......

1. Learn about the history of Jewish mysticism

2. Discover the core principles of Kabbalah

3. Get an overview of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life

4. Meet the teachings of the great Kabbalist Isaac Luria 

5. Experience being a Jewish mystic by studying Torah & Kabbalistic texts


Via Zoom. This major Course will not be live streamed either on Bet Alef's social media platforms or on our App.

How Much?

This entire Course in Kabbalah is offered free of charge with the expectation that open-hearted participants such as yourself will naturally want to generously support this unprecedented offering with their financial contribution(s). Thank you.

As a reference point, an offering such as Kabbalah 101 would usually range between $200 and $270. 

Current Hand Outs:

Hebrew Alphabet

Tree of Life - Blank

Tree of Life 2

Three Upper Sephirot

Tree Circles

Three Central Sephirot

Four Lower Sephirot

Key Symbols of the Ten Sephirot

The Seven Lower Sephirot


Zohar Study


Basic Jewish Meditation

32 Paths of Wisdom

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Thu, November 30 2023 17 Kislev 5784